I was diagnosed with a fast-growing and invasive form of Follicular Variant Thyroid Cancer (FVPTC) on June 18, 2008, during surgery. I started this blog to chronicle what I thought would be a short season of cancer treatment. Here is a compilation of my most important posts, milestones on the road of cancer.

3D spectrometry image of a thyroid cancer cell

Biopsy information on my tumor
Surgery at Mayo-Rochester contained a few surprises
Finding out cancer wasn't cured during surgery
Trying to decide about treatment post-surgery
Initial treatment with radioactive iodine
Second opinion pathology report showed more aggressive cancer
Meeting the inventor of Synthroid, Dr. Roy Weiss, getting a second opinion
Second post-treatment cancer scan
A scare over an ovarian mass
Learning to mother through cancer
Slowing down because of cancer
Suffering and criticism
Preparing for cancer scan #3
Weaning because of cancer
Cancer isn't gone, but it's not growing, either
Dreaming about remission
Now I look like cancer
Being bald is liking wearing a sign: "I Have Cancer"
Finally hearing that magic word, REMISSION!
Lingering effects of radiation damage
Dealing with emotional aftermath of cancer
Cancer scares may come at any time - even years out from diagnosis