Good news comes

The sunlight cascades through the woods and the whole world is magical, time suspended. The carpets of yellow, gold, burgundy like fairy paths under foot. I am learning to see beauty in a whole new way: appreciating it just for it's existence, for the joy it brings me. Not trying to figure out from whence it came or whether I am witness to something personal or universal. It doesn't really matter.

Good news came like a bolt of lightening yesterday, elecrifying the air and sending me skipping back out to my car and back to work. I had my cancer check-up yesterday, as I do every 3 months. At this appointment, I was expecting to get the news that I would need radiation this autumn and winter. My tumor marker in July was 4.9; at 5, we treat the cancer aggressively again. But instead of climbing past that ominous number, my tumor marker dropped. It was an unbelievable 0.02! Almost undetectable, the lowest it's been since December, 2008.

And so we are celebrating - my family, my coworkers, my friends. The every-3-month check-ups will continue for now. I will keep refusing dessert because the diet is obviously working. I've begun doing yoga daily again and hope to continue that practice. I am learning mindfulness - being present in the moment. All these things, might they be helping? I don't know. But I do know that TODAY I am still in remission, and I will not need treatment that would separate me from my family this year of 2013. It is a good place. I'm thankful to be here.