For this I praise you, God

Simply counting today, excerpted from #240-281 in my gratitude journal:
241. Being a "tax collector" doesn't change how God sees me or treats me
242. He would eat with me
243. He seeks the single lost sheep from the 100 as the loving Shepherd
245. Thunder snow
253. Sweet times with teens
254. Arthritis is gone
255. I am NEVER voiceless
259. Pretty shirt and jeans
263. Amaryllis blooming scarlet red from beyond the grave of my Grandma gone last summer
268. Relief
270. Rosy's 6 year old vibratto
275. A husband who humbles himself to save people
278. Dissertation proposal PASSING!!!! He whispers from behind, "This is the way, walk in it." (Isaiah 30:21)
280. Telling the truth to my kids