When you can't take any of the credit

I was awake for 44 hours. My eyes burned, my body ached, and my spirit wilted. I had submitted my dissertation, and it failed. I had one last chance to edit the 100+ pages to suitable quality. I didn't have the strength for it. I was horribly exhausted, haunted by stress-related chest pain, my fingers tremulous from the long hours typing. 

And then God gave me the strength to stay awake for 44 hours and finish my work.

He took me to the absolute end of my physical, intellectual, and emotional limits.

He took me there so that I would know, beyond a doubt, that the result was totally in His hands. That it wasn't my smarts or my tenacity. That it was a gift.

And so I can say, with utter humility,


And God gets all the credit.

The promise of grace 
And You lead us into freedom 
We're bound in Your love 
And all sin has been forgotten 
At the foot of the cross 
Where our ransom has been given 

If God is for us who can be against us 
Who can be against our God 

You give life to us all 
And you breathe on us Your spirit 
You go before us, 
Father, you protect us 
Father, you provide for us all 

Your Word is a shelter strong within 
My portion and my deliverance

*the portion of the dissertation I just successfully completed was the written portion. There is an oral exam portion as well, next Tuesday at 11 a.m. (CST). If you would pray for my continued strength as I prepare for this, and for God's will and power to be on display next Tuesday?