Let the dancing commence!

This day I dreaded, the semicircle of doctors with solemn faces and folded hands...today they dug deep with probing fingers, frowning. But after each had taken turn and a conference of heads bent together and muttered measurements, the heads lifted like girls in a chorus line with lipstick smiles and jazz hands. The largest lump, rubbery and flatter, the others DISAPPEARED...yes, all 50+ of them, in a week! They murmured consternation, "things like this just don't happen", poor senior Dr. A shaking her head, referring to her notes and her resident, trying to say yes, she did really feel them just a week ago! They say there is no doubt Amy is cancer free. The surgery tomorrow is cancelled. We are headed home! Words cannot express...

Amy plays while we wait for the oncology team in the doctor's office this morning

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