Please pray for my son Caleb

My 4 year old son Caleb had a really rough day yesterday. He had a serious head injury in the afternoon, running full tilt with his eyes closed into a large steel pole at a splash pad and knocking himself out. Later in the afternoon, he stepped on a very old (as in 1930's) rusty roofing nail, about 1 1/2" long, which went through his Croc and half way through his foot. It seems to have slid right along the ankle bone without piercing it, according to x-rays in the ER, which we were thrilled with, as it eliminated the immediate need for surgery on his foot. Because of Amy's vaccine-related encephalitis, Caleb is not immunized and can't be until we get more answers about whether the vaccine reaction is hereditary and shared by our other children. Caleb received tetanus immune globulin instead of a standard vaccine, which has a lower chance of side effects. However, today he is turning blue off and on, and his foot looks angry and red, swollen and sore. We are headed back to the ER shortly with him for more treatment of what may be either a reaction to the shot they gave him, or an infection in the puncture wound in his foot. We would really appreciate your prayers for his healing and safety.