When you're feeling hopeless, just look down

Take care, and be on your guard...for one's life does not consist in abundance... (Luke 12:15 exc.)

You live your life like it's broken, but it's really not so bad.
Believe me, I've seen worse.
Before you say, Don't judge me till you take that plank out of your eye,
Let me tell you this is all about my plank.
I wallow in post-cancer blues, arthritis returning like it does each October.
I curse cancer.

But I am still alive.

Beautifully so.

I'm not having surgery.

My pain isn't 10 out of a possible 10.

I don't scream in agony.

No one cut something the size of a football out of me yesterday.

I didn't have pieces of my bone shaved off or my flesh carved out or burnt or stapled shut.

I haven't had to beg for mercy from nurses, the air I breath and the God above.

I'm just a normal person, most of the time, even if I have my moments of pain
desperation even.

The truth is
we all live in abundance

we all live better than someone

we just need to keep looking down
to see the hand reaching up for hope

instead of looking up to covet
looking up and saying, Why can't I have what they have?
Why not me, God?
Why are they so blessed?

Somewhere down there
there's someone screaming out in pain
or crying out for hope
praying for rain
or a drop in the bucket of their empty bank account
a seed to fund joy in their swirling despair

just someone who notices
touches them
says, Sanbonani - I see you.

If this were always our practice

to look down instead of up

humble souls

however weary we walk

who might we lift up?

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