2012 Round-Up: Top Posts, Videos and More

Take a little trip around the blog and web today to see what's been popular at Turquoise Gates in 2012. I hope you enjoy reading through some old posts and seeing some of the other content that's been a hit this year. May it all be for the glory of God!

Top Blog Posts of 2012:
1. Love > Fear (January 11th): coming alive to emotions after 33 years of stoicism
2. Under the Saddle (February 23rd): a post on mothering and how cancer transformed me into a better one
3. Lament for the Eldest (January 13th): dealing with guilt over mistakes made raising my oldest child
4. Please, God, say it's not cancer (June 4th): facing the potential loss of a child
5. Hand in Hand (October 24th): walking into a friend's cancer pain, reflecting on suffering and sovereignity
6. Catching My Daughter's Vision (September 14th): my daughter sees Jesus during a seizure
7. I Quit Joining (August 24th): I've been an anonymous face in the pews since excommunication from my last church
8. A Love Letter to the Bodies of Women Everywhere (July 27th): looking past our flaws to beauty
9. Please Treat Me Like a Real Taxpayer: Shunning Series (June 19th): wish list after excommunication
10. A Place to Call Home (May 29th): tips from the trenches of finding a new church home

Top Facebook Status: Amy does not have cancer! The largest lump is slightly flatter/more rubbery and all other 50+ swollen nodes have DISAPPEARED!! Surgery tomorrow = cancelled!! (June 28th, Rochester, MN)

Top Facebook photo of 2012: At convocation with the other 4 PhD graduates in my class at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Top Tweet of 2012 (by retweets): "I wonder: would I have ever been awake to beauty without cancer?" http://t.co/8cMQUUIG (October 16)

Top Youtube video of 2012: Christa Wells' and Nicole Witt's "Image of God" set to my photos received 11,443 views since May. It has been used at multiple women's retreats during worship. I still have this song on my top playlist on my iPhone at the end of 2012, one year after I heard it at the Allume conference in October, 2011.

According to Klout, this year I've been most influential around the web on topics of Religion & Spirituality, Family, and Cancer.

Who is reading Turquoise Gates? Over half of my readers reside in the U.S., but the blog is also popular (in order of readership) Canada, Russia, the U.K., Germany, the Ukraine, China, Australia, France and Brazil. It still receives over 140,000 pages views each month. Praise God that people find our family's story inspiring enough to keep reading! May His glory shine through.

The two blogs I viewed most were Joy in This Journey by Joy Bennett and How to Talk Evangelical by Addie Zierman.

My favorite newly discovered blogger is Holly Grantham, who blogs at A Lifetime of Days.

My most-listened-to album for 2012 (and the 3rd straight year in a row) was Kristene Mueller's (now DiMarco of Jesus Culture) Those Who Dream. Available on iTunes or Amazon.

Favorite movie of 2012 was Lawless, which Aaron and I both enjoyed. Brutal, but beautiful and entertaining.

It's almost 2013! I wonder what will rock my world this coming year?