The song that never ends

I've walked away too many times.
I try to make myself stay, but I get distracted,
and I walk out on You.
When I remember again that I need to go home,
I walk back in and find the music is still playing.
It never stopped.
The song of Your love is as constant
as the rising and setting of the sun.

You have been my rock
since I was small.
In these darkest days,
I've learned You are also my comfort.
I've learned the tender faithfulness
of Your everlasting love.

You shower me with notes of grace -
favors undeserved -
You cover me with mercy -
Your plans for me always turn out to be
better than I deserve.
Even though I walk through trouble and tribulation
You shield me,
You walk with me
Through the valley of the shadow.

I will sing this love song back to You
because love unrequitted is the saddest thing of all.

Five Minute Friday
Writing on "Song"