Fathers & sons

What time I am afraid,
I will trust in Thee.
In God I will praise his word,
in God I have put my trust;
I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.
Psalm 56:3-4

Since 1979, this father-son team have compiled some amazing totals: 229 Triathlons, 6 Ironman distances, 20 Duathlons, 66 Marathons, 84 Half Marathons, 212 10K races, 149 5 Milers, and 108 5K races, among others. Their total events thus far are 984. Dick is now 65, and still going strong: Rick, his son, is 37, still non-verbal and immobilized by spastic cerebral palsy. The Hoyt's staunch refusal - back in 1962! - to institutionalize or marginalize their son is awe-inspiring. After realizing that Rick understood their jokes around the age of 4 years old, they began working to educate him and develop a means of communication for him. He has since graduated from college without assistance other than physical aid, and works in scientific research at Boston College. The computer that was developed with funding from his parents and their church family is the same one many trapped in a non-verbal body use: the computer uses a variety of tap and head motion sensors to painstakingly type letters out onto a screen and speak them in an automated "voice". This short film from Youtube reminds me of my husband, and his determination to love and provide for children with disabilities. Whatever obstacles still lie ahead, I just know deep in my heart that he is going to make just as wonderful a dad as Dick Hoyt has been to his "differently-abled" son. What an inspiring story this is!