Katy's 7th

Katy waited long for a birthday party with friends at the York's horse ranch in Pepin.

A big dream finally come to fruition...an embarrassed smile of joy.

I learned today that my fatigue is probably NOT due to a pacemaker infection, which would require surgery.  Instead, my cancer suppression med (Synthroid) has gotten out of balance again and I am hypothyroid, which is why I am constantly tired.  I still need an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) to insure that there is no "vegetation" growing on my pacemaker wires, which could also cause my symptoms without an elevated blood count.  I will speak to my oncologist on Monday as well, to have my meds adjusted.  The only bad news: it takes weeks to take affect.  Please pray for strength for me for these next few weeks.