Emotions on Tuesdays

I was 32 years old and trapped on an inpatient mental health unit before I learned their names. The six basic human emotions. I was used to feeling a general sense of "ick" when I was emotional. I tried to run to rationalism and avoid the emotion at all costs, because it felt awful to feel it, live it. I remember sitting in an abuse recovery group, staring at a page full of emotion words, struggling to come up with any that fit my mood at that moment. I usually turned to words like "blank", "detached", "isolated". Non-feeling feeling words.

Tuesdays are a day it's always hard for me to write. There are no prompts, no one else in the blogging world who gives me a topic, an idea, to start the creative wheels turning. So, on Tuesdays, I'm going to write about emotions. I hope you'll join me. Last time I hosted a blog hop not a single soul linked up to me. I'm committing to this until the end of March, just to see what happens.

So, today, scanning Christmas pictures, I try to capture what I was feeling. I look up a list of those six basic human emotions:

  • Anger
  • Love
  • Fear
  • Joy
  • Sadness
  • Surprise
Nothing like "overwhelmed", "out of my element", "uncertain"? Aren't those emotions? I read through a list of Parrot's (2001) basic human emotions - a whole list of words to describe what I was feeling. I find my feelings there, under "Love" and "Fear". A twisted coexistence that sent me running for a quiet space whenever there was free time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Approach this any way you like. Write about how you're feeling today. Write about different theories of human emotion - some people use a list of 12 or 20 basic emotions. How many do you think there are? How many do you feel at once?

Blog about it, tweet your thoughts, or write a new status. Make sure to come back here, grab the button code and link up so we can read each other's stories!