Making a ladder out of counted gifts

Another year opens with snowflakes falling silent, racuous children in the small space of the van, wild hilarity opening white elephant gifts, gold wine sparkling in glasses, a shared bottle of champagne - moment of romance after the children fall asleep after midnight - the long kiss for the new year. This 2012 will find me continuing to count blessings as they fall as silent, stealthy from the hand of the Father.

1478: $180 Patagonia coat on my daughter, $3 at Saver's
1490: cat's eyes catching sun's gold
1495: hair growing in black and white, salt and pepper spiky
1501: sounds and smells of hockey
1504: gliding through pain to joy
1513: mama reading devotions to me on a depressed day
1519: sunshine and sunshine (vitamin D3) in a bottle
1522: animal cracker and nutella