Stress: Emotions on Tuesdays

In the red-tomato-afternoon, my back aches from sitting in one position so long. My hands are curved in the shape of the keyboard with it's beckoning letters. I am only pausing a moment to cook this dinner, I think, the sweat on my brow as the unseasonably warm sun bakes through the screen door.

But I lied to the heart that sits heavy in my chest like a stone. I lied to the cold sweat of anticipation mixed with fear. I lied to the blood rushing to the head through blood vessels tight with waiting. I lied to my project.

I wasn't stopping just a moment to cook dinner. I was pausing to breathe - breathe red tomato scent, drink in the visual feast of the glistening in the sun. Feel the potted bowl from my mother between my palms.

I was pausing to be blessed.

I was pausing to slow down.

I was pausing to be.

The dissertation still being crafted calls to me at every waking moment. I haven't felt stress like this, ever before. It's running deep in my veins, and pulsing with my heartbeat. It's squeezing me and molding me.

I allow God to use it, to build me and my character. But I'm pushing back against the stress... dreaming of an April in South Carolina with my mama, and a May day when I am finally finished!

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