All I Know About God I Learned from My Dog

Dear God,
There were times when I was a child when I felt like the only "person" I was safe with was my dog. He always accepted my affection, my conversation, and my questions without every passing judgement (as long as I scratched his belly while we had our conversations). I have carried a picture of you with me for many years, a you that is a golden retriever. Warm, silent, welcoming, kind.

Forgive me if I don't hear you speaking. I'm not very good at understanding someone who doesn't speak in words. I get the "peace" feeling, and I can recognize it now when I don't have it. But after almost 30 years of faith in you, the rest of our communication still feels like mostly trial and error.

Maybe it's okay that way. Maybe you're alright with me picturing you cuddled up warm and furry with me on the porch in my darkest nights of the soul?