Nine and already wise

She is honest, inquisitive, helpful, dependable, silly, true, untroubled, content. She is also nine. It goes by so fast. You blink, and your babies grow up.

The day she was born, we slept all day, cocooned together in bed after 36 hours of grueling work, and yesterday, the ninth anniversary of that grand day that made me a mother, we did the same, cuddling for a rare, uninterrupted afternoon nap.

I love the person she is becoming. In the dark nights of illnesses and separations, I have oft wondered if I've held her close long enough, looked into those brown eyes intensely enough, known her deep enough. Does she know me, have me knit into the fabric of her being? Is she ready to embark on the next decade already? Have I prepared her well?

Life happens all around us, even when we are hamstrung by the very events of life that threaten to steal it's joy from our grasp. Katy gets this, deeply, at nine. That parties come, and parties go, that little moments of joy peppered through the ordinary of the day are worth exalting and remembering.

Her highlights from her ninth birthday? A 2 hour cuddle with her mama, and us, all together. From the mouths of babes!
Before I was born, the Lord called me to serve him. The Lord named me while I was still in my mother's womb. (Isaiah 49:1b)