Get busy living

Faith is a fragile thing. I close the soft covers of a controversial book with a slam, and dust rises in the sunlight glinting off my bed. Today is not a day to study my faith. Today is a day to live it.

Sun glints through the streamers on the rainbows hung from my kitchen windows, crafts left over from a "spring" birthday party, that warm day a memory now as we are buried in another foot of snow this mid-March. As the light gleams through the transparent paper, it is my faith I see, anchored to the rock, but tenuous, translucent, thin.

I don't know how to correctly interpret the Old Testament hermeneutically. I haven't read the latest from Rob Bell. What I know is this: today, if we don't praise God, the very rocks will cry out. And so that is what I will do today. Notice the gifts before me and praise the Maker for them.

Streamers in the sunlight, fluttering in the breeze of the warm furnace blowing. Children happy at schoolbooks. My Amy, exhausted of school, finding work for her hands, the clean wash water clear and pure in the afternoon kitchen. Oh, the gifts of each day, that crowd in bittersweet and make you want to laugh and cry all at once.

Today is for worship. Today is for gratitude that changes attitude. For joy that staves off darkness.