Space to breathe

My husband, wonderful husband, has given me a break. Time to breathe. To rediscover. To push tentacles into the Solid Rock. Would you be in prayer for me, my friends? That I would find that spirit of peace HE promises, that I would be impenetrable to the lies of the evil one, that I would heal and grow and come back home more whole?

Today I am in North Dakota with one of the wisest and sweetest 20 year olds I've known. I've cared for her since her infancy, and now she shrouds me with her grace, her embrace, her understanding. Tomorrow, another day here in the drifts. Next week, peace at her mother's farm. I leave house and hearth and husband and children to seek that peace the Savior offers. To refuse other gods, those gods of anxiety and pain and wishing for an end to suffering and an end to hurting those I love. Pray, oh, pray. I am in desperate need of that Grace I whispered "yes" to at 4 years old, the undeserved favor, the sweetness of the all-forgiving Christ love.

Pray it would surround me, bathe me, heal those ancient wounds with the washing of the Living Water and the blood shed for me.

Humbly I come before the Throne, and humbly I come to you, broken, asking that I  might see and believe and take hold to Redemption.