EEG is completed

Amelia's EEG (electroencephalogram) went well today. She was able to cooperate fully, so the entire test was done, very unusual for a 3 year old! I was proud of her - especially the brief crying she did when the tech sanded her scalp with first sanding paper and then the wooden end of a cotton swab! She has about 20 tiny dots where the hair has been completely removed. And those of you who know Amelia know - that is a lot of hair to remove!!

At this point, it was all fun and games, especially since her size hat just "happened" to be her favorite color, yellow. Isn't God amazing? He cares about the smallest of details!

The test yielded some "abnormal" results. Although I don't know what exactly that means yet. The tech just told me that there were some abnormalities when Amelia was sleeping, and again during the strobe light test. Hopefully this will tell our neurologist whether she is suffering seizures or merely disorganized electrical activity of some other sort.

Praying hard for tomorrow and the extremely stressful two appointments it holds: an appointment with an opthamologist, which I've been begging for 5 months to have; and the results appointment with Amelia's neurologist. Please pray that God will be holding both Aaron and I in His hands as we receive potentially very bad news...or no news at all, which could be just as difficult. I am praying for strength. Please join me!