Home is heaven

We are home for the weekend. The neurologist at Mayo, Dr. Suresh Kotagal, seems as concerned as we are...although more certain that Amelia won't become critically ill in the next few days. The schedule at Mayo is such that her first test was not able to be scheduled until Tuesday. However, we do have a plan of action if she should become more ill between now and Tuesday - involving a "lights and sirens" ride from Luther to Mayo for in-patient care. Knowing that makes me feel confident enough to be home.

Today I am busy utilizing the kind help of the York girls as we rearrange furniture in order to fit a hospital bed into the small room the children sleep in. Amy needs to have her head elevated at all times to avoid complications related to the increased pressure surrounding her brain, and all of our "homemade" efforts have failed. God has provided that a hospital bed I saw sitting at Hope Gospel Mission has remained unsold for 4 months...and now it is ours for the bargain-basement price of $50!

I created a video set to music for several groups on the internet who use videos to increase public awareness of the devastating effects of encephalitis. I have attached it - another of my prayers without words - here for you to view. Please forward it to anyone who might like to see it, and feel free to share it on your own blog or website by copying the embed link at the end of the video. When life gets this hard, "home is heaven" is so real to me. This is not my home - and how I am homesick for the place that really is!