In God's house

Historic home in Chippewa
In God's house, I am loved for my weakness;
In God's house, humility my only repose;
In God's house, the halls are filled with singing,
and the streets are paved with gold.

In God's house, my burdens are lifted;
my sins burned forever away;
and the peace of Christ brings rest to my soul -
How to live like that today?

Before He calls me home to a mansion,
Before He seals my wounds with His kiss,
I want to live even though I'm broken,
for I know the peace that alone is His.

Through grayest moods and loudest weeping
He speaks from His house how He loves,
and my fear slowly ebbs and my cry gives way
to the praise He compels there above.
~God's House, Genevieve Thul~