Waiting for rain

Squall hat bought in Gloucester, MA hangs in the sun
I've been in all kinds of rain. As a little girl, I remember the sweet freedom of running through the warm summer rain in my underwear with my brothers. I remember being disappointed when I got "too old" for this and had to wait my turn till they were done and I could take my turn. That was independence rain, the rain of freedom.

I've been soaked in the rain of tears when parents lost a child. In the rain of sadness, the rain of despair. I've held on tight as we hugged through the worst, first piercing grief that brings you to your knees uncontrolled, crazy with weeping.

I've prayed for rain for our crops, and prayed rain would stay far away for family reunions and parties and playdates.

Right now I'm down in South Carolina, soaking up sun and waiting for the "big game" to start on Wednesday. In the next two weeks, I will complete two separate studies that together will finish my research for my degree. I'm praying for a flood of subjects to come through the doors of the college. For smooth data collection, and easy analysis.

Will you pray with me?