Repetitious light

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another... I Thessalonians 5:11a
Courthouse stairwell
Few have mastered it: not only leaving their spiritual life as a light on a lampstand, but lighting other souls with the fire burning in that lamp. In public especially, it is hard to know how much to fit in, and how much to allow yourself to be different because of Jesus' transforming power.

Let me be the mirror, a reflection of Jesus as I walk through the world in another culture these next two weeks. Although the reflection is darkened and defused by all the corners it goes around in my soul before emerging for the world to see, let me be marked by my stalwart faith in my Maker rather than a dispassionate faith.

If there’s a man with a vision to recognize beauty
in places and faces the rest have passed by
If there’s a man who can meet with the queen
and stay warm with a beggar the very same night

a man who would pour himself out for a stranger for years for no kind of pay
let me know his name

I wanna know that man
I wanna know that man

If there’s a man without a wallet or looks to explain
why these masses of people wanna follow him around
if there is something compelling if he’s saying
something they know they’ve gotta know more about

a man who could love like a mother
and die for a world instead of saving himself

I wanna know his name

Oh, I’d be a fool to go on acting like it’s unimportant
it might take a little more faith to imagine him away
to walk the other way…….Oh Oh

If he came
if he lived
If he died
if he lived
If he IS

If there’s a God who would enter humanity
to capture the love of a rebel like me
I want to know his name
I wanna know that man

~Christa Wells' I Want to Know That Man~