Poetry and Instagrams

Sun glints off diamond, yellow
day before another night shift
I know when work turns sour
you'll hear my story rift

Where our talents and passions collide
kaleidoscope of the wise mind
Thoughts, emotions melt to one
Our heart beats closer to the Son

The scenes flash by on memory
caught for a moment in my dreams
A small black book of stories done
each word inks a silent scream

I write on palms the chorus line
We fell in love in a hopeless place
And so the journey carries on
we hold their hands when the race is done

The moon flies silver in the west
You sip coffee while I unwind
Two ships passing in the night
Two shadows crossing in the dawn
~Thoughts after Night Shift~

Yellow diamonds in the light 
And we’re standing side by side 
As your shadow crosses mine 
What it takes to come alive 
It’s the way I’m feeling 
I just can’t deny 
We found love in a hopeless place  
Shine a light through an open door 
Love and life, I will divide 
Turn away cause I need you more 
Feel the heartbeat in my mind