A word for 2012

The Christmas season fades to a blur behind us, and the new year looms. It will be my year of 3's: 33 years alive, '12 = 1+ 2 = 3, my 3rd cancer scan, my 3rd year with cancer, my 3 article dissertation. Every year, I've picked a word, one word that epitomizes the lesson I want to learn over 12 months. The theme for my days. This year, I'm picking a word quite different from those of years past.


verb (used without object)
to happen or terminate according to desire; turn outsuccessfully; have the desired result: Our efforts succeeded.
to thrive, prosper, grow, or the like: Grass will not succeed inthis dry soil.
to accomplish what is attempted or intended: We succeededin our efforts to start the car.

The dictionary touts a fourth definition - to obtain wealth or standing. I am in favor of the first definition - to terminate according to desire. I have a list of things I hope to succeed at this year, God willing. Following a year of intense disappointment and depression, I wanted to choose a positive word for this coming year. A year whose story pages are still blank, spreading before me with such possibility and promise. May God be with us as we work toward our goals this year!

1. Succeed at finishing my dissertation and graduating
2. Succeed at finally seeing cancer in remission
3. Succeed in becoming more emotionally intelligent and healing wounds of the heart
4. Succeed at mothering and housekeeping
5. Succeed at becoming a better wife to my dear husband
6. Succeed at kicking depression
7. Succeed at focusing on raising emotionally integrated children thriving with creativity

Inspired by Alece's community at Grit & Glory

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