A new low

Yesterday a new low: I was fired from my job as a CCU RN. It is the first time I've ever been fired. I plunged deep into an angry stupor and slept away the worst in an 18 hour nap. I wake up blessed to find two casual positions at the competing hospital in Eau Claire, and hit "submit" on yet another application. I am unsure how God is directing through this pain. To another job that is a better fit? Is He clearing my schedule so I can focus on the PhD dissertation that has been sitting dormant in draft? Does He want me to fight for exoneration against the claims made in the termination procedure at the old job?

A sign at the Christmas tree farm echoes loud and true as I ponder this turn of events:
God's will won't ever lead you where Grace cannot protect.
I need prayer - prayer for peace of mind and spirit, prayer against the suicidal thoughts that returned to torment me yesterday.