An eternal spring

Winter's past
and summer's come
snaking green tendrils of growth
through chilled earth;
I open to the warm sun,
sprout healing.

I remember the suspension of disbelief - 
the same thing that
keeps us turning pages -
the drama we love in short bursts
constant, eating alive
a little girl's soul.

Spring turned to summer
that 7th year
and innocence was lost
with finality
as if there was no
going back,
no do-overs

Alternate rebellion:
treating my physical body
like you did -
trash and toilet -
and my soul languished 
fear nibbling
at the corners of belief.

I couldn't hurt you
so I hurt myself
dangerous daring
cliffs jumped off of
airplanes jumped out of
mountains traversed
in mid-winter.
was my new best friend.

Now I find myself
looking back through fog
at things long ago,
and I am yearning for
spring eternal
the spring of peace
binding up broken
and beauty for ashes.