Out here

Ever had a day when you wondered if you were screwing up your kids forever? I do! Between their squabbles, whining instead of obeying, begging for more screen time (constantly), and the rolled eyes that have become commonplace around here with three girls growing, I often wonder if they will turn out alright.

And then, one of them will do or say something so mature, so sweet, so kind, that I think - maybe it will all work out. Rosy sang me this song from her "diary" today:

"Out Here"
I just want to be out here
in the music with the bird's song.
Being calmed,
crickets singing their calming music,
wind through the trees -
that's the country -
that's the way I live.

You may have different ways to live
but I have fun
the way my life is.
Out where I am in the place I love.
Mostly I am thankful
for my family and my friends
who I spend my life with.

I think all the counting of gifts has rubbed off on her. I am so thankful that they are soaking it up, little sponges that they are. And that the good still seems to outweigh the bad.