I have avoided using this word for many years after watching the movie of the same title and being more deeply disturbed by Kathy Bates' rendition of the main character than I have ever felt before. However, it captures how I feel today. I am sitting upright, forcing myself to type for a few moment before collapsing back in bed. I have a lot of throat and facial swelling from the iodine, complete lack of secretions (tears, nose and throat) despite all that I am drinking, pain when I use the bathroom, and complete and utter fatigue. All the things I was expecting, but the "lived experience" (as we nurses call it) is still a challenge. I am going back to bed now! Please continue to pray for quick healing from these side effects of the iodine. I am also begging the Lord that the iodine will do it's dastardly job and kill all the little thyroid and cancer cells in my body so I don't have to go through this all again in 3 months.