Cancer day finds

Today is Cancer Day for this week. In between feeding my own children and my little niece, Susie, putting kids down for naps, changing diapers and catching up on household chores, I fit in some research and caught up on my cancer survivor message boards on the internet. Opening myself up to cancer for a day also opens my heart for God to speak in new ways...whispers, usually from an unexpected source.

Today my God whisper came in the form of world-renowned freestyle horse reiner, Stacy Westfall. In 2006, her father died unexpectedly 24 days before she was to compete in the National Quarter Horse Congress. This video of her performance, which was dedicated to her father and his inspiration, somehow captures the pensiveness and coexistence of sorrow and triumph that I have been feeling this holiday season. Her ride - without saddle, bridle, or reins - embodies trust, perseverance, and love. It struck me how the announcer began speaking monotonously, business-like, and paused to choke back tears as he read Stacy's dedication to her father. Life - and death - makes you catch your breath like that sometimes.