One brick short of a sidewalk

One rope less, and this post at the marina would lean or give.

I am the leaning post. I stand only because of Jesus.
The strands in my rope, my husband, my family,
my small tassel of friends.

The longest bridge of it's type depends on each and every cable.
One cable snapped and it would have to be immediately replaced.

One less pound of concrete and the supports would collapse.

One less pound of flesh leaning as the sailboats keel,
and they flounder in the wind or capsize into the current.

A woman alone is a sad thing.
I make my list, the list of friends remaining.
Many far away. But there is always the phone.
Several left here, and my family, too.

But tears flow for each and every piece of my life
that crumbled into the raging storm of the past year.
Sadness as if those beloved to me had died.

Lord, comfort me.

A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need. Proverbs 17:17