Relevant '11

I cup warmth over my soapy face on the coldest day of autumn yet. I count on two hands the friends left after we quietly closed the doors after us on one church and opened up the doors on a new one. It's been a long year since, a year of more trials, and a year of days spent at home instead of out on playdates and coffee dates. Yet I feel so rich. Richly blessed, not friendless, content. Part of that blessing has been the rising of the online blogging community to support me and encourage me through this year. New friends, all afar, emerged from the Relevant blogging conference last October.

This year, at the last moment, the Lord opened all the doors for me to attend Relevant again. I am doing so to the tune of about $800, and our pocketbook is stretched thin with no paycheck yet from my new job. I come here humbly to ask that, if you feel so led, you might support me, too, through a donation. I've posted a link to a special Paypal account on the left. It's also included in this post. Simply click the "donate" button in either location, and enter the amount and your checking or credit card information. I have yet to pay for taxis, hotel room, or food for the four days I will be gone. I thank you in advance for anything you feel called to give. Just like warm water on a cold face will be your gifts on worries.
...comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also you do. (I Thessalonians 5:11)

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