This word for bulging, bugged out eyes has been a favorite of mine since my very first medical terminology class in my sophomore year of college. Now I have the joy of experiencing it! The eye is the lamp of the body...(Matthew 6:22) It is interesting, isn't it, that the very physical expression of being "at the end of one's rope" is the symptom that indicates the same condition on an organic level. Hyperthyroidism, which I always assumed would be rather pleasant due to the weight loss and increased energy levels, is really a bear! My hair is getting thicker (minor inconvenience), my eyes are bugging, my heart rate is high, the slightest thing sends me over the edge mentally. Just when I thought I had learned to trust, I get pushed up to the next wrung of the ladder! I would certainly desire your prayers for my endurance and faith through this latest trial! My hormone levels should be dropping, as soon as I can get a lowered prescription. Prayer requests of the day are listed on the right!