Hello again, blogland!


Almost two years ago now. One more week and my baby is two! Where does the time go? This week is a busy one - always is. Following true to my upbringing, I am the head chef for a major charity event at our church that takes place every year on Valentine's Day. This year, it is a Southwestern themed 5-course dinner followed by a screening of High Noon, the award winning marriage-friendly Western starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. This week is chock full of cooking, prepping, baking, organizing, and trying to keep up with the bare essentials of school, homeschool teaching, housework, and the marriage remake we are in the midst of.

I had my 6-week check with my cancer doctor yesterday. Bad news all around. My replacement hormone levels still aren't in the "suppression" range, which means the cancer that remains on board is free to grow away (stimulated to grow, in fact). I have to go 2 more levels on the dosage of the hormone, which in the past has meant fainting and other miseries like racing heartbeat, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and shortness of breath. I expect to know how bad the side effects will be in about 4-6 weeks. I am already having some return of my heart troubles, so it is disappointing to survey the probability of more in my future. It will be another crazy spring! I also have positive tumor markers. The hope was that they would be negative by now with the suppression hormones back on board. They are not. This means cancer is there, and active. So far, my doctor doesn't want to change the game plan, and will just keep ramping up my dosage of replacement hormone in hopes of suppressing the cancer for another year. I am starting to mull over the possibility of returning to the University of Chicago for another opinion on the plan. It costs over $1,000 for a 30 minute office visit and lab tests, though. At the moment, that seems like a pretty far stretch.

In addition to all this, our van broke down yesterday. We think it is a pretty catastrophic problem, so we will probably be remaining true to our annual tradition of using our tax return to purchase a new vehicle or fund a major car repair. On the bright side, God seems to stay the trial until tax season. So I guess I should be thankful?