Only love

I was discharged from the hospital again today. Please pray for peace of spirit, freedom from anxiety and flashbacks, and that the battle is won already.

Grace Potter's Only Love
music video with my drawings

I wake up with my hair on fire

I need something to water me down
I can’t keep walking on this wire
I gotta move, I gotta come around
What don’t kill you makes you stronger,
It’s only my soul, It’s only my heart
And it’s only love
It’s only love
It’s only love
I wake up with my mind unwinding

I got a strange tingle in my toes
I fall asleep and dream of finding
Somebody who really knows
I need to loosen my grip just a little bit

I feel this love like a stranglehold
But there’s something stopping me from losing it
There’s nothing harder than letting go

But it’s only love
It’s only love