Unexpected gifts

Last April, I could barely recognize my feet. Swollen beyond swollen, my toes swallowed up. You could almost squeeze water out of them, it seemed, if you tried hard enough, like Micky Mouse trying to squeeze water from his cheese.

A year later and a pacemaker working overtime to keep my heart beating properly, and there they are again, the feet I didn't know I had anymore. The feet I had when I was 14, before my heart started those funky beats and my blood pressure dropped. Although the rest of me has (regrettably) stayed the same size, what a relief to find my ankles and toes again!

A little like vine-ripened tomatoes in Mama's perfectly circular green bowl on the faded white table in the end of winter. A blessing in the dry season, an oasis in the desert of health, a discovery of wonder in a desolate landscape.

I beg your prayers for my heart and cancer issues. They always worsen in the spring, and I am in the throes of the exhaustion from hyperthyroidism and the toll it takes on my heart. Pray my pacemaker keeps me pumping, and for peace with the rest I must take to stay functional during this time of trial.

Thank you!