The 1000th Gift

"Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise - the fruit of lips that confess His name." (Hebrews 13:15)
A sacrifice of praise? Is it really possible that my praises count as sacrifices, even when they feel so free, warm, rejuvenating? I am offering my time, my mind, my soul, my heart in those moments. Exactly how Jesus  begged us serve Him. I have sacrificed moments during the worst of times and given them in the best of times. Today I celebrate passing #1,000 in my counting of God's gifts.

Why is a sleepy Iowa town such a place of rest?
The green of a time gone by.

The playfulness of a simple necessity.

Family made paintings blending perfectly.

Even the trash can is lovely.


Falling asleep with a pup warm to cuddle with.

Porch sitting is still a well-practiced art.
People come and go all day, for a cup of coffee,
conversation, sharing of all the new town tidbits.

Old things aren't replaced willy-nilly. 

The slides are still the slippery kind.

Autumn leaves are traipsing down from trees heavy with rain.

The soft "thud" of yellow unripe walnuts hitting the sidewalk.

Lace curtains still.

(Number 1,000!) Being loved on by family.

The elfin Norwegian architecure - an old service station so graceful.

Feet flying high in swings, happy shouts, and kids worn out by days end.

Today I sing a simple song of praise. No woe, no laments, no complaints or troubles. Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul. Thank you, Lord, for making me whole! Thank you, Lord for giving to me thy great salvation so rich and free! 

*caveat for Northerners: there is some Southern Baptist
"slaying in the spirit" happening about half way through this video*

For making the sun to shine
Putting those stars in the sky,
For flower that bloom,
the ocean so blue
Thank you, Lord.

For the sparrow that sings,
Who makes sweet melody,
For rivers that flow,
the rain and the snow
Thank you, Lord.

For everything you've done for me
For making me whole
Saving my soul
Thank you, Lord.

For my home and family,
For love's truth that you've loved me,
For the shoes on my feet,
and plenty to eat,
Thank you, Lord.

For this church to worship and pray,
For the freedom that I have today,
Sweet spirit I feel
Your presence so real,
Thank you, Lord.

For being a friend so near,
Giving my sad heart cheer,
For holding my hand
When I could not stand,
Thank you, Lord.

For giving your life for me,
on the cross of Calvary,
For taking my place,
mercy and grace,
Thank you, Lord.

Linked to Ann today, who gave me the idea of counting