Wake to rainbows, sleep to purple moons

We wake, one morning early last week, to a rainbow. My camera doesn't capture it in its glory of the just-blooming dawn sky. But we all stand on the porch in awe, the covenant sign filling our hearts. I will never destroy you again.

That night, the moon is bright orange and falling too quickly from the sky, and I set the camera to catch it's color. The picture turns out like a pillar of fire in the night sky. I remember the Israelites, led out of Egypt by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Led out of captivity by these pillars, and yet even as the pillars are swirling in plain view, they still have doubt.

The next night, it is a fingernail moon shining pink in a lavender sunset sky. Again, click goes the shutter. A wink at the glory of God on display for all to see.

The diversity of life overwhelmed me, yesterday, as I sat in my porch swing and thought about my troubles and peace begins to overtake as the cricket song cracks the shell on my hurting heart, as the bright yellow of the goldenrod bends in the wind, and I smell the oats growing for hay in the field. If this world keeps spinning on it's axis, and all this amazing conglomeration of creatures and plants and rains and winds keeps calling me to praise, my troubles melt. Yet, like the Israelites, doubts can crowd out the cricket song and the goldenrod waves. I remember this time, quickly, to "turn my mind". Because, from beginning to end, He has sustained me and loved me and never forsaken.

You are the First and the 
Last Beginning and the End 
The promise of wonders to come 
The future is in Your hands 
Caught in the light 
With all the earth we will sing 
You are the author of love 
Our freedom within Your Name 
Embracing the cross meant for us 
And bought us to life again 

Caught in the love 
With all we are we will sing 

God our hope Our salvation 
Worthy of all the praise 
Be our light Everlasting 
Great is Your Name Jesus 
the First and the Last 
Show us the way of Your love 
Lead us toward the truth 
Stir up the fire in us 
To live out this life for You 

Caught in Your Name Jesus 
forever we'll sing 

Every heart every nation will hear the sound 
As Your light breaks through the darkness 
And Your Name rings out 
Every distant horizon will meet as one 
Singing holy is Your Name 
We sing holy is Your Name 

You are the first and the last 
You are the Alpha and Omega 
The beginning and the end 
Our salvation 
You bring freedom God 
Your grace knows nowhere 
You are the name above all names 
Forever now I'll stand 
You are the first and the last 
You are the first and the last
~First and the Last, Hillsong ~