The best this world has to offer

First friends that you ever had,
shared your own adventureland

Friends you can't escape from,
like cockle burrs of love's sum

Friends you celebrate with,
share your wildest dreams with

Friends who came to save you,
make you the brave you

Friends you always count on,
still dream of climbing lap on

Friends who you share joy with,
enraptured little boys with

Friends who teach across generations,
share the family circledom

Friends who held your hand much,
you never lost that aunt's touch 

Friends you share your trials with,
walk through fields of life with

Friends to have fun then and now,
bring you peace in sorrow

Friends who help you heal your wounds,
lend you their own hearts and rooms

Spark your home with laughter,
you shared the fear of never-after

Friends to grow old with,
share your very soul with

Friends who share your journey road,
try to warm your spirits cold

Friends to go to heaven with,
time will never sever it

Friends you can't explain, describe,
so much like you on the inside

Friends to be free with,
Dance, and ride and be with

Friends to share your music with,
your deepest curious thoughts with

Friends you didn't know you'd have,
Always there to lend a hand

Friends to have adventures with,
All through life's loud whir

Brother holds your honor dear,
holds your shield for all these years

Sisters that you never had
gained through three brothers hands

Friends who come but leave you then,
disappear but leave their scent
Memories are part of life's sweet song
Help you through the dark night long

Blessings, triumphs, sorrows, charm -
Friendships make your world warm.