It's official...

I am having another scan in the end of March. Prayers answered: the dates will dodge Caleb's 1st birthday, my 30th, and Rosalie's 4th. SOOO happy to celebrate with them instead of being in isolation! Prayers still to be answered with a yes or a no: how I will tolerate the hypothyroid period - will I have energy to keep up with the kids, school, and the charity dinner I am helping sponsor next week? How will the scan go - please, God, no metastatic disease. Will I need another treatment? Will the next scan be a 5 day separation from my children, or a 17-18 day separation?

Here's the schedule...
  • Immediately - stop thyroid hormone replacement
  • March 5 (4 days after my 30th) - stop Cytomel, other replacement hormone
  • March 19 - labs (this will shed a lot of light on metastasis; also pray insurance will approve the shipment of my thyroglobulin test back to the University of Chicago)
  • March 23 - take I-131 radioactive iodine 7 millicuries for whole body scan
  • March 25 - whole body scan
  • March 26 - appointment with Dr. Bingham - determine whether ablation is necessary
  • March 27 - either go home or get treatment dose
  • April 10 - home if I need an ablation (treatment)
Please lift us up in prayer. We are sinking under the latest news.