Promised bit of hilarity

Now seems as good a time as ever, in this season of celebration! One of the most disturbing side effects (yes, worse than exponential weight gain, bloating, endless fatigue, poor eyesight, wet cough, night sweats, cold intolerance, brain fog, and dizziness) of the radiation and hypothyroidism is the complete lack of sense of smell or taste. It is particularly disturbing as I go about daily tasks as a mother - changing diapers by the clock since I can't smell poop, eating by the clock since I can't taste, and cooking "blind" with no ability to tell if what's in the pot has any flavor at all - or is even perhaps rotten??!!

This all came to a forefront this afternoon as I picked Caleb up from his nap. There was a mass of light tan matter gluing my pillow case to itself. After a sniff, and a brief touch, I concluded that the said mass was most likely either vomit or poop. NO idea which! No sign of missing poop in the diaper. No sign of puke on the kid's face. Realizing it was pretty dried on didn't help my investigation much - just made me a little sick knowing I probably slept on said mass of tan matter for at least one night. Ewww! This is, perhaps, one mystery I do not wish to solve!

I will spare you the photos I was oh, so tempted to take!