A visual feast

A photographer friend of mine once told me the reason she loves to take photos in natural surroundings is that it allows families to discover the romance in their own lives. By way of brightening my mood, I browsed the house for a daily dose of beauty yesterday while the children slept.

Antique children's folding table and Aaron's childhood chairs
against my favorite yellow wall in afternoon sun.

120-year-old nickel hardware on thrifted butler's pantry.
Still shows charcoal dust.

Grandma Fern's funeral rose whirls from a pendant light over the island,
spinning there nearly a year later.

Silver-plated copper teakettle spout. Thrifted for Moroccan dinner,
now happily at home on my white enamel stove.

Travel finds: pussywillows from Pacific ocean beach in Washington.
Green fingerprint pot found in a potting shed outside Nashville.
Saw palmetto branch picked up on a quiet cobblestone street in Charleston.
Red clay pot from Aaron's professor in college.

French curves on French blue.
Mirror in my bathroom draws lines of the oak door in it's reflection.

Mission accomplished. I see the romance again.