How to cheer up a sick baby

The kids have rotavirus, that dreaded stomach flu that lasts and lasts. Caleb has been hit worst. His fever is high, cheeks scarlet, tummy upset, fussy night and day. The first day, my mother's heart went out to him completely and wholly in compassion. Today, I find myself getting frustrated. I am a little fried after forty-eight hours with little sleep and even less time to myself than usual. As I type this, I am pecking with one hand while rocking him in the other arm, still in my pajamas, the mess of both breakfast and lunch still piled on the counter waiting to be cleared.

When cuddles and bottles won't suffice, perhaps a little silliness will fit the bill! We got out a new children's cookbook of Katrina's and found something fun to eat. These cheery caterpillars brought joy to our souls if not the sick tummies.

After our joy-filled but failed attempt at lunch together, I bundled the two littlest ones up on the couch in flannel blankets and comfy pajamas. They took a nap together, and woke up so sweetly. The close relationship of these two amazes me...more proof that God knows what He's doing when He sends a "trial" my way! I never would have intentionally spaced my children so closely - especially these last two, who are 15 1/2 months apart - yet it has been nothing but a blessing to have four little ones as close as stairsteps. The space between Amelia and Caleb couldn't be more perfect. They are best friends, despite the occasional fireworks that spring up due to their interest in the same things, toys, books, and activities.

When thou openest thine eyes.
Pray Him also to prosper thee
And thine affairs in deed:
All the day after, assure thyself,
The better shalt thou speed.

~ Rising in the Morn, Hugh Rhodes, 1540