In the hospital again

I went back to the ER via ambulance this morning after fainting several times at home with my mom and my kids. The good news is, I was wearing the heart monitor the whole time, and they noted no life-threatening heart rhythm problems during the episode. I did have an episode of fast heart rate (tachycardia) and some slow heart rates (bradycardia). So far that is all we know about the monitor. My blood sugar and magnesium levels were also a bit low, but not low enough to explain the severity of my symptoms. I spent 8 hours in the ER, and left with very little information about what is going wrong with my body at present. I have been transferred to a new cardiologist who has more expertise with electrophysiology studies (which will likely be the next diagnostic step unless other changes clear up my problem). I am also scheduled to see my endocrinologist in the next week or two to discuss the role my thyroid is playing in this whole mess. I still suspect that Synthroid, my thyroid replacement hormone, is the root of the problem. I will be contacting my regular doctor tomorrow to request a few more blood tests and to try splitting my dose, taking half in the morning and half in the evening.

After leaving the ER this afternoon with no "real" answers, I was feeling very down in the dumps about this trial. Being told to basically just go home and keep fainting every day for two weeks until you can see the cardiologist sounds ridiculous! However, after some sweet fellowship with old friends tonight, I have a better grip on the joys of my life, and the sorrows are fading more to the background again. I am planning on skipping my Synthroid in the morning and taking it in the evening instead, so that Aaron will at least be home while I am doing my fainting if that is what comes to pass after I take my daily dose.

Some specific prayer requests that I would humbly ask you to bring before the Throne:
  1. This trial would soon be over, and would include no more crisis events (such as the Mama of the house being hauled off on a stretcher to an ambulance while all the children watch!)
  2. Protection for my heart, and wisdom about my Synthroid, which is preventing my cancer from growing back
  3. A doctor who will look hard at all the puzzle pieces and identify a cause and a solution
That your beloved ones may be delivered, give salvation by your right hand and answer us! With God we shall do valiantly. ~ Psalm 60:5 & 12a