Unshakable faith is what I attain to. Not yet what I have. Good news came by half this week, as my mammogram came back normal. Now I am anxiously waiting my ultrasound report, which will determine if I need a uterine biopsy next week. Another test I am definitely NOT looking forward to! We have a busy day of hard work in the garden, not to mention tending the children, two of whom are still laid low with this stomach virus. That should keep my mind off things. I loved this devotional by Elisabeth Elliot this morning, which captures how I am feeling just perfectly.

"The King's heart quivered as the trees in the forest shake before the wind" (ls 7:2 RSV), Isaiah tells us in the story of Syria's occupation of Ephraim. The worst had happened. The thing Ahaz feared had come upon him, and he was terrified. So are we when we seem to have no defense against something. We are at the mercy of an enemy--debt or disease or disaster or doubt--and we wait, quivering in fear, for our final ruin. Then we are reminded of our sure defense, the only absolutely impregnable stronghold--the word of the Lord, and when He speaks ("This plan shall not succeed, it shall never come to pass") as He did to Ahaz, we are safe. No power on earth (or in heaven or hell) can shake the Rock of our salvation. It is on that Rock that we plant our faith and stop quivering. ~ Elisabeth Elliot, A Lamp Unto My Feet