Hedged in

Remember those verses I was gaining strength in: though I am hedged in, it is He who sets the limits. Today my appointment with the cardiologist went well. He is thorough, doggedly seeking an answer to these plaguing symptoms of mine. He decided to start me on a medication to raise my blood pressure. I will have to monitor my blood pressure while on it, to be sure it isn't too high. However, he hopes this might lessen the frequency of my episodes. He also started me on a 2-week external monitor, as he felt the internal monitor is not warranted because of how frequently I am having symptoms. The only reason the internal monitor would be preferable is if I were going to require monitoring for a long time. This "event recorder" should provide the necessary information regarding whether or not I require a pacemaker. For now, at least we have something to try: midodrine, the drug to raise blood pressure. I am hopeful it might help.

Please keep praying that a permanent solution might be found through the use of this new event monitor. And that the solution will become apparent before my South Carolina trip, which starts July 10.

You are the first
You go before
You are the last
Lord, You're the encore
Your name's in lights for all to see
The starry host declare Your glory

Glory in the highest

Apart from You there is no God
Light of the world
The Bright and Morning Star
Your name will shine for all to see
You are the one
You are my glory
~Glory in the Highest, Chris Tomlin