Weekend treats

Yesterday was Friday, and like many Fridays, it was a day of rushing about and finishing up the weeks busyness. Caleb clogged up the wheels by coming down with a violent case of strep throat in the middle of the preceding night, keeping both parents up with his raging 105 degree temperature and fussiness. The doctor at urgent care was only too happy to give us some antibiotics. Funny how "acute disseminated encephalomyelitis" begins to fade into the background noise of normal; the doctors at the U of M don't seem nearly as concerned. When you go back to your country doctors, though, they take notice! That urgent care doctor provided me with his cell phone number in case Amy should develop symptoms, so that antibiotics for her are only a phone call and a Walgreens trip away over the weekend.

Ali has been with us all week, helping lift kids, care for kids, and providing me extra rest after surgery. She is a trooper and a vision of God's grace in 17 year old form: dealing with a crippling migraine for seven days straight, she has been such a selfless helper nonetheless. Helps me put my own pain in perspective.

Sickness, and surgeries, and ongoing pain notwithstanding, the sun still streams into every corner of our lives and beauty still reigns 9 out of every 10 moments of every day. Our earth has not been shaken. Our house stands. We eat Rice Krispy treats for no good reason on an average Saturday. We are blessed. Unimaginably blessed, whatever valleys we have been through, whatever trials lie ahead. There is so much I have not lost.

Now to the one who can do infinitely more than all we can ask or imagine according to the power that is working among us- to him be glory in the church and in the Messiah Jesus to all generations, forever and ever! (Ephesians 3:20-21)

When you think you’ve hit the bottom
and the bottom gives way
and you fall into a darkness
no words can explain
and you don’t know how you make it out alive
Jesus will meet you there.

When the doctor says, “I’m sorry,
we don’t know what else to do.”
and you’re looking at your family
wondering how they’ll make it through…
Whatever road this life takes you down,
Jesus will meet you there.

He knows the way to wherever you are
He knows the way to the depths of your heart
He knows the way because he’s already been
where you’re going
Jesus will meet you there.

When you realize the dreams you’ve had
for your child won’t come true
when the phone rings in the middle
of the night with tragic news…
Whatever valley you must walk through,
Jesus will meet you there.

~ Jesus Will Meet You There, Steven Curtis Chapman