Particles of sacrifice reveal untold beauty

Northern lights in the middle of the sky above rural Wisconsin
on August 3, 2010; visible due to an explosion on the sun's surface.

A storm opens our eyes to see, our hands to receive the starry nights that follow.  An explosion - damaging, fire-gushing, volcanic, erupting - on the sun's surface sent billions of particles toward earth.  (A damaging, painful explosion of God's wrath above the Cross snuffed the life out of the Son of God.)  As the particles of that great light-filled body in the heavens float through the galaxies down to Earth's atmosphere, the northern lights become visible all the way down to parts of New England where they are never seen.  (So grace fell like a million drops of the Son's light on my soul, revealing hidden beauty beneath the scars of sin as His light reflected there in my black heart for the very first time, and every time since, when I confess.)

The storms of the spring and summer where suddenly eclipsed today in a dark doctor's office that has held nothing but sorrow for me since March, 2008.  Storms eclipsed, for once, not by more storms - but with a heaping pile of good news!  He took my neck in his hands, and felt no tumor where there has been one since November of 2008.  He looked at my lab work, and discovered that, for the first time since cancer struck back then, my body is fighting back.  I have lost weight, almost miraculously and effortlessly, on my no sugar/no starch/no alcohol/no over-the-counter meds diet.  That is why my thyroid hormones are out of whack - I need less medicine than I did before, because my liver is functioning at 100% and I have gotten a bit smaller.  (Less medicine is, at least in my case, a very good thing!)  My tumor markers are slightly more elevated, but that is probably because my own immune system attacked a tumor in one of my lymph nodes, one in a very inoperable location, and exploded it into a million tiny pieces that now float in my bloodstreams, innocuous because of the new antibodies my body is making.

And so I dance (a quick jig before getting back to work on my exam) and thank God for good news on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday.  For lighting the night sky with green and red, for sending dancing light last night as a harbinger of dancing feet today.  For helping me find better health, for using better health to trounce cancer, at least for the moment.  For keeping me with my family until my next scan, which won't be until October or November now!  God is great!  That is all.

Click on the little images to see bigger ones - the lights are faint,
but they are there!