The inevitable let-down

Apparently, there still exists a very disturbing paragraph in the legislative code of the great State of Wisconsin, chapter N1 in the Board of Nursing code for accreditation of "professional programs of study":

(c) A nurse faculty member who teaches nursing courses in a professional nursing program shall hold a current license to practice as a registered nurse in Wisconsin, have at least 2 years of full−time or equivalent direct care experience as a practicing nurse, be employed in nursing within the last 5 years and hold a master’s degree with a major in nursing.
Somehow, I am apparently supposed to:

  1. Study for a doctorate degree
  2. Keep working as a nurse
  3. AND obtain a master's degree
...regardless of the fact that I've already shown that I've mastered doctoral content and everything that precedes it, including many credits of master's level study.  Apparently, BSN-to-PhD track degrees are not yet en vogue in the State of Wisconsin, and I may never be hired here because of it.  That would really put a damper on things!

The "dream job" offer was withdrawn this morning because of the master's degree problem, which they knew about prior to interviewing me (??).  They could seek an exception with the Board of Nursing but apparently aren't interested.  Weird.  And very frustrating.  I guess I will continue on those other lines...RN-to-BSN programs online that have no problem with my over-achieving path to a PhD.