The blur of the Twins baseball game melted quickly into the blur on St. Anthony Main, next to the river near downtown Minneapolis.  It was our first date in months.  Even though it was loud, humid, and crowded, both the game and the walk felt like pulling on a comfortable old coat.  As life approaches the speed of light, and all the worlds I'm juggling collide - school, homeschooling, health events, homemaking, and freelance authorship, not to mention friendships, church, family, and applying for jobs - it was good to remember the bedrock of marriage that undergirds everything.

Once again I was reminded how still this man I married is.  The camera shutter stayed open for a full four seconds when taking this photo, and he isn't even blurred.  He stands like a quiet sentinel in the foreground of everything, watching over me and strengthening me and encouraging me.  Still.  Serene.  Sometimes unreadable.  But always there for me.

We watched a man fishing below the dam, and dreamt of days when life slows down and such recreation fits in again.  Not just a snatched afternoon - but a whole weekend perhaps?  With money to repair the boat (that has to wait until the cars are taken care of) and time to burn.  Sometimes it seems like the impossible dream.

Every day but one this week, there is a doctor's appointment.  That one day will be filled with work, and then Friday I defend my comprehensive exam (assuming the 3rd and final member of my committee does not throw a kink into my passing).  This week, I have to save my brain for school.  Luckily, I have a whole backlog of photos that are just waiting to be posted.  And creative writing is therapeutic.  I'll sneak a few words in with the pictures.  Every picture has a story, something that ran like an undercurrent beneath the surface while I hunched to snap the photo.  I wouldn't be me if I didn't tell it.

I do have a few prayer requests for the week, if you have time to add us to your list:

  • Patience with my kids as my head hurts and my work demands my attention this week
  • Healing for my brain and Amelia's
  • Passing my comprehensive exam (written by tonight & orals on Friday)
  • Rest times throughout the week
  • Witnessing to a dear friend
  • Faithfulness in our endeavors outside of school
  • A job that is suitable for both my professional needs & our family needs